Military Affairs
Fort Pickett
Blackstone, VA 23824
Projects: Erosion repair and control, installation of low-water crossings, seeding and matting installation

Town of Blackstone
Blackstone, VA 23924
Projects: Excavation of grounds surrounding new fire station, ground repairs at fire training facility

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Quantico, VA
Danville National Cemetery
Danville, VA
Project: Tree maintenance, stump removal, and sod placement

County of Nottoway, Virginia
LRA - Land Reuse Authority
Projects: Barrack demolition and debris removal, grading and landscaping of lots

DLB, Inc.
Hillsville, VA
Project: Rt. 615 Bridge Replacement
Amelia, VA

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)
Nottoway County Office
Nottoway, VA
Projects: Snow removal

National Park Service
Yorktown, VA
Project: Maintenance Yard repaving

USPFO for Virginia
Fort Pickett, VA
Project: Demolition of buildings and site rehabilitation



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